Dragon Songs: Return of the Guardians (Paperback)

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A bitter end:
The air grows stale, the soil sterile and the waters too polluted to sustain life. As the world begins to die, the former Guardians of Earth can only sit by helplessly and watch from their exile. The prophecy of a human with the power to repair the damage has not yet come to pass, and time is running out.

An invincible evil:
Craving an end to his tortured life, a psychotic immortal secretly plots against the Guardians to ensure the end of all existence.

An unlikely hero:
12-year-old Kathryn is a normal girl with a normal life. Her biggest challenges consist of helping with household chores, the impending school year and dealing with an annoying little brother. That was, until she found the Dragons.

An impossible task:
Kathryn's normal life quickly fades into the background as she learns of the dying planet, and her true destiny. She embarks on a fantastic journey full of unimaginable danger and self-discovery: A quest to return the dragons to their rightful place as guardians, and save the earth.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780595331086
ISBN-10: 0595331084
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: October 21st, 2004
Pages: 236
Language: English