The Dumari Chronicles: Year One (Paperback)

The Dumari Chronicles: Year One Cover Image
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Fifteen-year-old Moira Fitzgerald is a punk-rebellious, obnoxious, rude. She also happens to be a witch-but doesn't want to be. So why do evil magicals think she may be the new Dumari? And why have she and her twin cousins, Braidy and Brody Attinson, been kidnapped? What is the Dumari, anyway?

Thanks to some quick thinking on feisty Moira's part-and a fair smattering of luck - the three teens manage to elude their captors. They find themselves cast adrift in New York City, far from their homes near Boston, with few resources and little money. Forced to work together, in spite of their differences, they wend their way north through the city, hoping that their families will find them before the bad magicals do.

Join Moira, Braidy and Brody on their adventure as they escape from their kidnappers, explore New York City, and eventually find their way home-with a little help from some unexpected friends.

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ISBN: 9780595457250
ISBN-10: 0595457258
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: July 24th, 2007
Pages: 376
Language: English