The Clock Doc: An Essence of Time Mended Properly! (Hardcover)

The Clock Doc: An Essence of Time Mended Properly! Cover Image
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Have you ever had any regrets about the past or a decision you have made in life? Most likely, you have-and you're not alone.

Michael and Tiffany feel as if they've found their soul mate. Unfortunately, fate fails to grant them the happily-ever-after they both desire. The young lovers part-each going their own way, each with a broken heart. After a few years, Michael becomes a very wealthy businessman. Regardless of his accomplishments, he never fully appreciates anything that he has and continuously regrets his past. Then one day, Michael meets the Clock Doc, a man who not only fixes clocks but time as well.

When the Clock Doc opens up the door for him to travel into the past, Michael gets more than he asked for and faces numerous challenges along the way. Will Michael be reunited with his true love?
Product Details
ISBN: 9780595674732
ISBN-10: 0595674739
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: January 5th, 2006
Pages: 200
Language: English