Kali's Journey: Empowering The Child Within (Paperback)

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Two of the most difficult things we are challenged to do in life are adapt to change and learn how to turn negative experiences into positive ones. Kali's Journey is the spiritually-based journey of a teenager who tried to escape the pain of losing her mother only to find herself literally adrift at sea with no way home. Suddenly, a young dolphin appears to comfort her. What follows is the inspiring story of two dolphins and a whale that have come to teach Kali the Universal secrets to surviving change and finding joy in the darkest of moments.

Kali's Journey fills the void left by so many books that fail to understand that children are more likely to grasp the simplicity of life's most profound lessons than are adults. In her state of fear and confusion, Kali learns about true love, our eternal connection to those who are dear to us and the Oneness of all life forms.

While at first Kali is shocked and a bit frightened by her newly arrived, sea-worthy friends, she soon realizes that they have come to awaken her to what she has been resisting so far...using her own power to bring joy to herself and others. Kali's Journey is a simple-to-read story that contains some of the most powerful and profound lessons from the self-help and self-awareness movements that are now, thanks to Kali, available for the child in each of us. The book not only simplifies powerful teachings of deeply spiritual concepts, it also provides practical application for how young people can live these concepts in their daily lives.

Children and adults alike will benefit from Kali's Journey and be amazed by its simplicity and easy application in manifesting their best life. You'll read it to your child, with your child and then sneak off to contemplate it by yourself over a cup of coffee. Recommended for ages 8-90.

About the Author

Carole Gold is a spiritual lawyer (no its not an oxymoron!) who is always in search of the basic Universal Laws that help us be our highest selves. She has an amazing daughter. Carole lives with two cats who are certain they allow her to live with them. Hilary Green is a former executive and cancer survivor who lives the child within. He best buddy is "Buddy"...her golden doodle.
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ISBN: 9781974167944
ISBN-10: 1974167941
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 1st, 2017
Pages: 50
Language: English