Rules to Be Broken: A Regency Romance (Paperback)

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This regency romance by USA TODAY bestselling and HOLT Medallion winning author BREE WOLF about a disgraced, young woman and a proper, by-the-book lord proves that love sometimes takes a detour...but it'll find you nonetheless.

Once upon a time, passionate DIANA LAWSON was young and naive and in love...with a man who barely knew she existed. Foolishly, she pursued him, daring to believe that love would conquer all.

But it didn't. Instead, it saw her ruined in the eyes of society.

Disgraced and broken-hearted, Diana agreed to a marriage of convenience in order to save what was left of her reputation. Her heart, however, remained broken beyond repair, her faith in the world shattered and even the faintest hope for a happy future all but buried. Still, after her husband's passing, Diana comes to realise that she has nothing left to lose. Then why not live on her own terms?

ARTHUR ABBOTT, EARL OF STANHOPE, is a stickler for propriety and has never met a rule he did not feel compelled to uphold. After all, what would society be without rules? They provide order and stability, guide people's behaviour and prevent unpleasant surprises. Indeed, rules are the foundation upon which society is built. They're fundamental and must be upheld at all cost.

Of that Arthur is certain. At least, until his path crosses that of a young widow with a rather daring spirit. What is a man to do when for the first time in his life his beloved rules stand in the way of his heart's desire?

"Why let society decide she should mourn a husband she did not love and who never treated her right? Diana chooses her own happiness, in spite of what everyone else thinks she should do. Beautiful story " - e.memelink, AMAZON REVIEW

"Do we really change? Still after almost two hundred years, men are forgiven their misdeeds and women are are called names for theirs. Arthur and Diana should have never been involved according to the town, but yet, they fall in love. Thank you for and extremely engaging story." - Danny and Debbie Scott, AMAZON REVIEW

"Diana and Arthur are wonderful in this book. I loved it Much romance and adventure." - Debbie Turner, AMAZON REVIEW

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ISBN: 9781976555893
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Publication Date: October 11th, 2017
Pages: 132
Language: English