What's the Matter with Maria?: A tale of love and return (Hardcover)

What's the Matter with Maria?: A tale of love and return Cover Image
By Mona Kristensen, Mona Kristensen (Illustrator)
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Sometimes, what we fear most
turn out a gateway to our true self

Meet Maria a sensitive and spirited little girl living in the harbor town Ferrysville on Matter Island. Here, she discovers the world from her hideaway in a beloved apple tree, studying the humble setting, inhabited by fishermen, farmers and craftsmen: a down-to-earth and jovial people praising practicality and prudence.
One summer, some city folks move to the village: vibrant single mother Helen, a small boy Jay and his big sister. Maria and Jay fast become best friends. As good as inseparable, the two of them form an affectionate alliance of depth and significance.
Alas, to Maria's dismay, the newcomers unexpectedly leave. After a disturbing incident shortly after her loss, the imaginative girl encounters a new friend and ally named Ray.
- this boy is precocious and softhearted like Jay, but strangely elusive...

In this tender & timeless tale, we follow our jumpy yet resourceful heroine's rocky journey through her childhood years. Join the intuitive introvert as she grapples with family life and school troubles, haunting night terrors, belittling and bullying, lightened by tiny glimmers of magic. Always, Maria wonders: will my first love ever return?

Product Details
ISBN: 9788797103326
ISBN-10: 8797103322
Publisher: Pot of Gold Publications
Publication Date: April 30th, 2020
Pages: 340
Language: English