Blink (Paperback)

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A thrilling Urban Fantasy Adventure with elements of Action and Mystery Romance

Book One in the contemporary fantasy novels series Blink by Michael Riggs.A diverse cast of characters come together to overcome unimaginable trials in a rich and complex universe.

Brody Calix begins to find normality five years after the disappearance of his father as a somewhat shy student attempting to change his habits for the better. When he is attacked by a wolf just before meeting a mysterious girl named Sky at a party his life is turned upside down. He finds himself enamored of Sky while uncovering clues about his missing dad as a series of curious events begins to unfold.

Romance, Action, Adventure and Mystery

Upon meeting Sky again the two are abruptly transported to a far off world with no clue as to how to get back home. They meet a tribe of young people who have made a home in a deep alien forest. What seems at first like paradise soon reveals itself to be much less as secrets are revealed and clues are gathered.

Survival on an Alien Planet

Will Brody be able to gather enough information about his Dad, find out what happened to a missing member of the tribe, and keep himself and Sky safe on a new and unfamiliar planet before something terrible happens? When trust is broken and fear arises, one thing remains clear - Brody must find a way to get them home safely. What makes matters worse, someone is hunting them.

Blink is a science fiction mystery adventure with incredible depth but more importantly it is a book about humans - the light and the darkness - our will to survive and how love, friendship, family and courage remain powerful even across the universe.

"I read this whole book in one day. Simply because I couldn't stop reading it"

"Imaginative and well developed"

"Couldn't put it down"

"Deep descriptive language and skilled storytelling"
Product Details
ISBN: 9798594708662
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 14th, 2021
Pages: 280
Language: English