Ell: Descendants in Full Color (Paperback)

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By Kostas Fragiadakis (Illustrator), Panos Lyris (Illustrator), Nikolaos D. Zwhs
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Thousands of years ago, in the Pindus mountains of ancient Hellas, the order of "Ell" was formed by Hercules and his brave warriors. They faced the criminals that were roaming the land, obtaining riches through theft and occupation of new areas. Those criminals always hid their purpose behind fanaticism. The criminal elite, also called "Dark Lords", descended from a hybrid lizard - human race. The "Dark Lords" created fake beliefs and false gods that their followers were ordered to follow or face death. Thus hundreds of thousands, followers of those fake gods became blood thirsty fanatics. Those fanatic followers would stop at nothing in order to provide the Dark Lords with all the power and the riches of the Earth. The order of "Ell" stopped the Dark Lords and their fanatic millions of followers in many ancient battlefields. In the Mediterranean sea at 10,000 B.C. the order of "Ell" destroyed the fleet and armies of blue blood Atlantians and saved Humanity from slavery. At 480 B.C. the Babylonian sorcerers and armies were destroyed in Salamis and at 325 B.C. Alexander the Great defeated the Cynocephalous (dog head) race and locked them in their subterranean world. Rome, instilled by the ideals of modesty, family values and bravery succeeded in bringing justice to the known world of the time. The ideals of the order of "Ell" were also theirs. When the Roman republic was replaced by the Empire it only meant one thing. The "Dark Lords" had taken over Rome. The Roman way of life of modesty and hard work was replaced by spectacles in the Colosseum, hiding thus the tyranny and oppression. Around 70 A.D. the order of "Ell" accepted Christianity. This was foretold hundreds of years ago by their oracles and also it was known within a small group in the Mysteries of Eleusis. The "Dark Lords" and their fanatic armies were defeated again at 312 A.D., at the battle of the Milvian Bridge and were held at bay for almost eight hundred years, when they became conquerors of Constantinople... The order of "Ell", always at the forefront, continued the fight against the "Dark Ones" into the future. In the ranks of the "Ell" were people of all races having some common traits.
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ISBN: 9798605530343
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 15th, 2008
Pages: 54
Language: English