To Love a Wishing Star: Law of Attraction Tales (Paperback)

To Love a Wishing Star: Law of Attraction Tales Cover Image
By Begum Manav (Illustrator), Laura Sully
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To Love a Wishing Star is a brilliantly illustrated story book that has been written in a poem and is based on the teachings of The Law of Attraction.
Written by Welsh author and poet Laura Sully and illustrated by Begum Manav, this is the first book in a series of "Law of Attraction tales'.

Follow Maisy as she experiences the magical Law of Attraction after she hears her new friend Milo talking about the "MILLIONS and BILLIONS" of stars in New Zealand skies.

Milo says that "Wales has lots of buildings and loads of cars, but there isn't very many stars "

Maisy begins to wonder where all the stars went from the Welsh night's sky...
"Back home that evening Maisy asked her mum because if anyone has answers she'd be the one "

Maisy's mum explains that "Nobody wishes on the stars anymore, I guess there isn't anything for people to wish for "

With a star that her teacher Mr Sandhar gave her in school, Maisy begins wishing, hoping that her wishes will bring back the stars.

Maisy comes across many reasons to wish for on her school day. She trips up on the schoolyard and hurts her arm, but luckily Maisy has her star and can wish for her cast to be red

Maisy's cast then prevents her from joining in with the other children while swimming. Luckily she has her star and wishes to have fun, noticing a pen on the floor she begins to decorate her cast with stars. Another wish has come true

Maisy keeps bumping into stars, including one at the beach, and is given a golden star at the Farm for helping calm down a parrot that was refusing to be held.
Luckily with her star Maisy wishes that she could talk to the parrot, could this be the secret universal language of "ask and it is given" providing Maisy with the confidence to sing the parrot a very special song?
"Good job you've got that cast he wouldn't have jumped on a sleeve The birdkeeper thanked Maisy and told her she'll go far, presenting her with a sticky golden star "

But Maisy was gloomy at the end of the story as though she had come across many stars in many forms, she still couldn't see any stars in the night sky.

"Come with me Dad said and they got in the car, they drove to the countryside which wasn't that far...Till there were BILLIONS and SQUILLIONS of stars way up high "

To our delight, this story has inspired many conversations with the children who have read it, from not giving up on your dreams, to how even when something bad happens something good might come out of it, how a "set back" might just be a "set up" for something amazing later on, don't give up there's plenty to wish for And the wishing might just be the fun bit

Also how light pollution is preventing us from seeing all of the stars and even when you might not be able to see them, they are always there.
We love the concept that although Maisy "felt nervous with her arm in a cast" while holding the kite at the beach, and ended up falling in the soft sand, she actually came across something even more valuable, could it really be a starfish

Laura says "I remember being read poetry stories as a child by my dad who would almost sing the story to us. I can still remember the words and how engaging the way it all beautifully connected by flow was. I wanted to write To Love a Wishing Star in poetry style as the lessons it teaches are so valuable we think they should be remembered."

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ISBN: 9798670234399
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 12th, 2020
Pages: 42
Language: English