Adirondack Detective As Autumn Leaves Turn

SKU: 9780964832787

Author John H. Briant

Jason Black and his wife, Patty, and son, Jay, have returned to their log home near Old Forge. It had been their strong desire during their residency at the Breakshire Lodge to someday permanently reside in this special place. As we look in on the private detective and his family we learn that Jay is attending school and his mother, Patty, now a full-time housewife with activities involving the art center and a knitting group. 

In this seventh book of the series, Private Detective Jason Black is working on his routine check cases until a telephone call from Mableton, Georgia draws him into an investigation of a missing young woman. Black enlists the help of two experienced Adirondack pilots and one retired guide. But, during the search, another case involving stolen beehives crops up. The many twists and turns in both cases leads to an important possibility: just who will be stung?


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