Seeing Your Way Out of the Dark: Top Ten Lists for Beautiful Shade Gardens

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Author: Kerry Mendez 

52 Garden-Transforming Lists, Money-Saving Shortcuts, Design Tips & Smart Plant Picks for Zones 3 Through 7 This book provides proven strategies for growing gorgeous, low-maintenance perennial gardens in shade. It is written from a do-it-yourself, roll-up-your-sleeves and "tell it straight," gardener's point of view. Kerry Ann Mendez shares her tough-love trade secrets for time and money-saving gardens in her inspirational and humorous style. Her fifty-two lists will transform the way you think about gardening in the shade. Kerry Ann Mendez is a "passionate perennialist" and the owner of Perennially Yours gardening and consulting services. She has gardened for twenty-five years in upstate New York and consults around the Northeast. Kerry is a garden columnist and has written for and been featured in many national magazines including Horticulture, Garden Gate, Fine Gardening, and Better Homes and Gardens' Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living. She was featured on HGTV, has hosted television gardening segments and maintains an extensive lecture schedule. She teaches over twenty gardening classes that thousands have enjoyed. For more about Kerry and Perennially Yours, visit her website at "Kerry's ability to make gardening knowledge accessible, and enjoyable, no matter your skill level, contributes to the success of her Top Ten series of books. And I love the straight-forward approach of lists-tell me what will work and keep me focused." --Patty Craft, Publisher & Editorial Director, Horticulture magazine "What Julia Childs did for French cooking...Kerry Mendez does for gardening...Making it easy and possible for all to have wonderful gardens despite our individual time constrains and skill levels...Your book shows the how's, what's, and when's of it all. Fabulous!" --Margaret, home garden hobbyist


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